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Holly Rumble

Introducing our new Product Manager: Holly Rumble

Envolve Tech keeps on growing! We are pleased to welcome our third new hire within a month – new Product Manager, Holly Rumble!

What is a product manager? Glad you asked. Holly will be in charge of identifying and planning improvements to the Envolve Tech Virtual Shopping Assistant. To do this she will be analysing client feedback, researching market trends, and staying up to date with new technological developments.

Holly will mostly be working behind the scenes, but if a new upgrade you’ve asked for suddenly appears one day, you now know who to thank!

Holly has extensive experience in similar roles with several tech startups (including tech startups in the performance marketing sector). Not surprisingly, she has a classic “self-starter” attitude.

Her initial roles in the startup scene were in customer service, but four years ago she started teaching herself coding in her spare time. After sharing what she’d learned with the company’s lead developer, she was offered a new position as a Junior Quality Assurance Manager.

Holly has worked with several more tech startups since. As is typical with startups, she has worked in a wide variety of roles, from Account Management to Product Management. Over time, she has become very familiar with a tech product’s development cycle, and she is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to the Envolve Tech team.

“I’ve worked with lots of startups, but I’m especially excited about joining the Envolve Tech team because the company is just entering a really exciting, high-growth phase,” Holly said.

“At the moment I’m focused mostly on learning how everything works. As soon as I can I will start putting a development plan together.”

Originally from Yorkshire, Holly has one of the most international work histories of anyone in the company. While working on Vancouver Island in Canada, she met her future husband, Yuki, who is originally from Okinawa, Japan!

Holly and Yuki later moved to Germany, where Holly got her first experience working in software development. They moved to the UK two years ago, and recently settled in Bristol. In her spare time Holly enjoys painting, drawing, and (of course) practising her Japanese!

“We are especially delighted to have Holly join the Envolve Tech team,” explained CEO Emma Smith. “She has exactly the right mix of skills and experience to help us get to the next level in terms of product, and she is already making an impact on our plans for the future.

“Growing to the point where we have the capacity to bring on specialists like Holly is also a real milestone for us. It’s been a very exciting Summer for us in terms of growth, and I’m pleased to say we are expecting an even bigger Autumn!”


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