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Envolve Tech crowned Best Emerging Technology or Start up at Performance Marketing Awards

Envolve Tech were crowned Best Emerging Technology or Start up at the Performance Marketing Awards yesterday.

The 15th annual Performance Marketing Awards once again showcased the industry’s most innovative and groundbreaking campaigns, companies and individuals from across the sector.

The Judges said:

The judges commented that Envolve Tech, the virtual shopping assistant, enjoyed an incredible first full year as an affiliate-based technology, with growth across its key areas – clients, sales generated and commissions – of several thousand percent, quickly establishing it as one of the key technology players in the affiliate space.

The platform combines a number of key areas which ensure that human touch remains – even in this automated, ML-driven world. Envolve Tech built a data-analytics team – who ensure that they’re not just answering questions correctly, but focusing on key events, from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, Christmas through to relevant sports events, giving the user that human-level experience that can often be missing in the chat-bot arena. They also developed more relevant icons to ensure they grab attention – but also that it is never an interruptive experience. Through 2020, handover rate was reduced from 30% to 5% – meaning that an amazing 95% of queries asked of the Virtual Shopping Assistant were successfully answered.

“An innovative approach to the chatbot space that provides a low-risk and demonstrable return on investment. Envolve Tech have started in earnest during a tough year for all businesses, and I look forward to seeing how their tech continues to evolve!”

Watching the awards together:

Many of the team members got together for the first time in 9 months to watch the virtual awards ceremony unfold, enjoying the meet up over a few drinks and pizza.

CEO Emma Smith said “I’m so proud of our entire team for winning the Best Emerging Technology or Startup award last night at the Performance Marketing Awards. Being a tech start-up is a massive team effort and I’m so pleased that all our hard work is really paying off”

Chairman Mark Smith said “We’re thrilled with the recognition of the incredible progress Envolve has made, and continues to make, with the Virtual Shopping Assistant. Since entering the affiliate scene less than 18 months ago, Envolve has gone from strength to strength, powering a fantastic experience for retailers and consumers alike”

For more details on using Envolve Tech on your site contact sales@envolvetech.com