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The Future
of online shopping

As online shopping continues to grow, with greater popularity, comes greater customer expectations.

Customers have more options than ever, meaning e-commerce brands need to create an experience that sets them apart. Many are taking inspiration from high street stores and looking to create a shopping experience that stands out.

The Award Winning Virtual Shopping Assistant from Envolve Tech uses the latest innovations in artificial intelligence to support your customer conversations 24/7, answering your frequently asked questions, spotting sales opportunities and converting sales.

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Virtual Sales Assistant
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4 simple steps
to turn online chat into a sales channel

Customer questions answered correctly 95%
Questions resulting in product recommendations 87%
  • Our chat A.I. analyses customer questions to identify intent. Customer service enquiries which need a human response are passed on to your support team. Sales enquiries are taken through an automated sales funnel, matching customers with products from your website and product feed.
  • Using artificial intelligence our system analyses customer language to identify the exact products that will most satisfy your customers. 20% of chats are converted into sales.
  • All product information presented by Envolve comes from your product feed. Retailers retain total control over content.
  • Our software tracks sales all the way through to completion.

Customers use online chat to ask pre-sales questions. Are you answering them? 24/7?

Our Virtual Shopping Assistant converts 20% of online chats into sales. This ups onsite conversion, cuts customer service costs, and reduces costs for re-marketing to customers who leave your site without buying. Can you afford not to convert 20% of online chats into sales?

What clients say
about Envolve Tech

Affiliate Future
Joanna Turner, Commercial Director, Affiliate Future

``We have seen fantastic results from the very start, it’s proving very beneficial in driving new sales by instantly answering all types of queries from customers giving us benefits of assisted sales. The conversion rate from the channel is over 15%, higher than expected, but what’s more pleasing is we are now seeing daily sales with a great EPC, well over the average.``

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Ben, Enertor

``Envolve Tech has helped customers find answers to their questions as well as what product is best suited to them therefore improving our conversions.``

AWIN logo
James Bentley - Strategy Director

``Activating Envolve Tech via the Awin MasterTag is one of the quickest wins a brand can make. The low-risk CPA model is perfect for businesses seeking to understand the incremental value of customer assistance AI. Whether it’s to enhance user experience, or simply grow conversions, Envolve Tech should be part of every performance marketer’s stack.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about our Virtual Shopping Assistant

How does your Virtual Shopping Assistant convert sales?

60% of customers accessing online chat are considering a purchase. Customer service, whether live or automated, is normally not equipped for sales, and sales conversions are not regularly measured. Before handing over to a support team, our Virtual  Shopping Assistant analyses customer language and converts potential sales before handing over to customer service.

How long does setup take?

With the right information, we can have an operational Virtual Shopping Assistant on your site within a few days. The  onboarding process is straightforward, with little integration required, and our team will oversee the entire process.

How do I add the Virtual Shopping Assistant to my site?

Once the onboarding process is complete, adding a Virtual Shopping Assistant is just a matter of inserting a snippet of JavaScript code to your site.

How much does it cost?

Envole Tech is a performance marketing partner. There are no sign up costs, subscription fees, or running costs. Our Virtual Shopping Assistant is available through all major affiliate networks, including AWIN, TradeDoubler, CJ Affiliate, Rakutan, and Webgains.

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