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Dan Amarquaye

Introducing our new Head of Partnerships: Dan Amarquaye

Envolve Tech is delighted to welcome a new member to the team this month: Dan Amarquaye, who joins us as our new Head of Partnerships.

Dan has ten years experience working in the performance marketing sector. Most recently he worked for Publisher Discovery, which, like Envolve Tech, provides new technology to retailers engaged in performance marketing. He already has an established network in the industry, and as soon as he updated his LinkedIn profile he began receiving enquiries from contacts who wanted to learn more about Envolve Tech.

Dan will be working very closely with our Head of Business Development, Dan Harding. Both will be focused on forging new relationships with retailers, agencies, and affiliate networks.

“I’ve known Dan Harding for several years now,” Dan said, “and I’m excited to be working with him. From now on, if any retailers or networks are interested in learning more about Envolve Tech they can call up and just ask for ‘Dan.’”

Dan Amarquaye got the chance to meet CEO Emma Smith and renew his friendship with Dan Harding in Las Vegas this year at Affiliate Summit West. They attended several events together, and have been in touch ever since. When the opportunity came up to join the growing Evolve Tech team, Dan didn’t hesitate.

“Having the chance to get to know the Envolve Tech team over time made the decision to work with them a no brainer,” Dan explained. “I really like the dynamic of the team, and love the excitement that comes from being part of a growing tech startup.

Initially Dan will be shadowing Dan Harding on calls and developing an in-depth understanding of the technology and its capabilities. Once he is fully up to speed, he is looking forward to building new partnerships across the industry.

“I knew from my time with Envolve Tech before that the product proposition is really compelling. Once retailers understand what we can offer, I know they will be interested.”

Dan is originally from South West London, and currently lives in Balham. He will be the first member of the Envolve Tech team located outside of Wales and the South West, and is hoping to meet with London-based retailers and network managers once conditions allow.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys going to the gym and reading self-improvement books.

What is he currently reading?  “Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson,” he said. “Just a coincidence, I promise.”


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